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How it all comes together

Design :

Just like a human representative, 
Al needs to represent your company correctly. He need to look the part & say the right things. 

We will integrate your company information and logo into a calendar that people will want to use. 

We will guide you through the design process so the relevant information will be at your clients fingertips. Making It easier for them to contact you when they need your products or services.


Al needs to last the entire year without falling apart. That is why our manufacturing is all in-house. This ensures that the level of quality you get is the best  in the industry.

Our lead-time is 4-6 weeks from sign-off of your artwork. We can also arrange for an earlier delivery (terms and conditions apply).


Now we need to get 
Al to your clients ASAP and in one piece. We pack for delivery to one location. We can also pack according to a distribution list if required.

This avoids any unnecessary repacking that may wast time and damage the product. We also deliver locally and overseas.

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